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Geles Cabrera (b. Mexico City, 1929) is known to be the first woman to have professionally practiced sculpture in Mexico. With a career that stretches over the course of 60 years, her work focuses on the body and its form, and while the subject matter is common to other sculptors from her generation, her approach has always been more lyrical, addressing basic human issues and concerns such as loneliness, love, sexuality, or the experience of motherhood. Although Cabrera developed a special skill and preference for stone, which became central to her practice, she also explored other materials such as clay, bronze, paper, and even later in the 1970’s materials like molded acrylic, which have all given her room to experiment different ways of studying the human body and its geometry, allowing her to create simple and clear lines to emphasize the eroticism of its form. 
Recent exhibitions include MONUMENTAL, curated by Pedro Reyes at the Museum of Modern Art, Mexico (2020); Siembra at kurimanzutto, Mexico City (2020); Geles Cabrera- her solo exhibition at the gallery (2019); and her first big survey exhibition titled Geles Cabrera: Mexico’s first female sculptor, curated by artist Pedro Reyes, at Museo Experimental El Eco in Mexico City in 2018.