Enrique Guzmán
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Enrique Guzmán (b. Guadalajara, Jalisco 1952 – d. Aguascalientes, México 1986) was a Mexican artist known for his grotesque, trivial, and ironic point of view, marked him as a pioneer within the artistic movements of his time. His work reflected the concerns of his generation, particularly through the reappropriation of national symbols and a defiant stance against official narratives. He played a significant role in altering the national imaginary, as seen in the “neomexicanismo” movement, infusing it with his unique perspective.
At the age of fifteen, he enrolled in the Instituto Aguascalientes de Bellas Artes, where he achieved second place and earned the opportunity to further his studies in Mexico City at La Esmeralda.
Guzmán passed away before Teresa del Conde coined the term «neomexicanismo» to describe the artistic movement he was associated with.