MASA walks the blurry line between art and design. Collectible design. Experimental design. To show, to curate, to write, to build, to question, to provoke, to educate, to learn: these are the desires. Desire might even be at the center of this adventure. MASA is cornmeal, a pliable material that quells hunger and sustains culture.

With digital, physical, and conceptual presence, MASA challenges convention and presents ideas on a global stage. With an effort to open up conversation and dialogue around material culture, MASA curates exhibitions offering work with integrity, direction and value. MASA was founded in Mexico City by a collective of creatives — Age Salajõe, Héctor Esrawe and Brian Thoreen, along with Isaac Bissu and Roberto Diaz — whose backgrounds in art, design and architecture are reflected in MASA’s presentation of design at its boundaries.

Welcome to MASA.

Héctor is Esrawe
Héctor stops to smell the roses
Héctor needs sunscreen
Héctor protects you
Héctor is co-founder of EWE
Héctor is co-founder of VISSIO
Héctor is co-founder of XINU PERFUMES
Héctor is co-founder of MASA

Age wears the pants
Age loves dogs, specially Aphex
Age talks to strangers
Age was a lawyer in a previous life
Age gets things done
Age is co-founder of EWE
Age is co-founder of MASA

Brian is still a heavy metal kid
Brian will drive for hours to see the ocean
Brian is less grumpy than he seems
Brian works with rubber
Brian is co-founder of VISSIO
Brian is co-founder of MASA

Isaac is multifaceted
Isaac is an entrepreneur
Isaac runs to transcend
Isaac loves having friends all over the world
Isaac is co-founder of MASA

Roberto has more than 5,000 keys
Roberto can see the future
Roberto has many kids
Roberto collects art and design
Roberto is co-founder of MASA

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