EWE Studio Altar #5, 2020
EWE is a design studio based in Mexico City, devoted to the preservation and advancement of Mexico’s rich artisan heritage while embracing new mediums and languages for the execution of limited-edition sculptural and functional objects. With a desire to reflect tradition as part of the natural flow of design, EWE praises diverse techniques, blends primitive roughness with pristine surfaces, and uses natural empathic materials that appeal to the senses. Mexican history is EWE’s inspiration for forging new ideas that have substance and meaning. EWE Studio was founded by Manu Bañó, Age Salajõe and Héctor Esrawe in 2017. Since then the studio has exhibited at Zona Maco Art Fair 2018 & 2019, Design Miami, Basel, Switzerland 2018, and at Abierto Mexicano de Diseño in Mexico City the same year, where they held their solo exhibition ‘Masa Crítica’. The show received international recognition and welcomed over 3,000 guests within two weeks, despite taking place in the city’s one of the most dangerous neighborhoods. In 2019, EWE exhibited with MASA at their inaugural exhibition ‘Collective/ Collectible’ as well as the galleries ’Smalls’ show, and at their latest exhibition ‘Recover/Uncover’ in February 2020 in Mexico City. EWE Studio shows its work with The Future Perfect and Galerie Half in the US, Objective in China, and MASA Galería in Mexico.