Panorammma Fisherman Chair, 2023
Maika Palazuelos (Monterrey, 1994) started the project Panorammma during confinement with the intention of creating a permeable and open platform for design exploration. With a background in arts, Maika initially conceived her designs as an extension of her artistic practice; identifying in expressive domestic objects a possibility for them to compete with and expand our everyday narrative. Through her project she pursues the creation of objects that generate fissures from which fantasy spills into our reality and informs an imaginative play; a scenography from parallel fiction, pseudo props, the creation of actors through whose presence and performative ability can make of our domestic spaces unusual scenarios. Testimonies of a refusal to live ordinarily. Palazuelos’ poetics oscillate between disciplines, while focusing on a crucial point of contemporary sensibility: the expanding pathology of the concrete, the alienation of everyday life and the space that abstraction occupies in the social sphere. Building on our past and personal experiences through new visual narratives. Maika completed her undergraduate studies in art at UDEM (Monterrey, Mexico) while coursing part of her studies in RISD (Rhode Island, USA). After graduation she was awarded the FONCA national stipend for young artists. In 2021 she continued her postgraduate studies at ETSAB (Barcelona, Spain) studying contemporary design, where she also took part in el Bulli Foundation residency program. In 2022 she was awarded the Mexico Design Prize for Best New Talent. Recently she was recognized by Dwell Magazine as part of the Best New Designers of 2023. Maika has taken part in a number of exhibitions, including presentations in Mexico City, New York, Los Angeles, Providence, Brussels, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Monterrey, Lago di Como, Copenhagen, Bordeaux, Tenerife, Ryad and will be showing next in Berlin.