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Mario García Torres: The Space Under My Chair & The Music I Was Listening To


08.02.2023 - 22.04.2023

Mexico City

Participating Artists :

Joaquín A. Pérez 6, San Miguel Chapultepec, CDMX.
Open from Tuesday-Friday 11-6 PM, Saturday 11-4 PM

In ‘The Space Under My Chair & The Music I Was Listening To’ Mario García Torres unveils two series featuring design and artworks that explore conceptuality and function.

‘A Cast of the Space Under My Chair,’ 2022, is an aluminum stool inspired by Bruce Nauman’s iconic concrete bearing the same name. Created in Nauman’s early career, the sculpture was crafted to consider the body’s relationship with the surrounding negative spaces. In the coated aluminum version, García Torres casts his desk chair, symbolically overturning the sculpture’s purpose by turning it into a functional object. For Nauman, casting the space below his seating was a way to reveal overlooked spaces; fifty years later, García Torres shines a light into a centuries-old tradition.

In conversation with the design piece is ‘The Work I Painted This Monochrome While Repeatedly Listening to Gasolina by Daddy Yankee,’ a series of electrically plugged monochrome paintings. The pieces were made while listening to the song Gasolina, directly influencing their outcome. Attached to the surface of the canvas is a rhythmic led light, transforming the series into a piece of silent sound equipment.