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The Last Tenant


18.03.2021 - 22.05.2021

Mexico City

Little information is available from the modern white house at Palmas 1145 in Mexico City. But while entering it, it's not difficult to start imagining its past lives, from daily routines to celebrations and singular moments. One starts to connect little details that transpire from the materials used, and left behind in it. The exhibition now installed in it pretends to appeal precisely at the required time it takes for those images and stories to pop up in our minds.
After an extraordinary year that has largely questioned our lives' rhythms and values, this experience seeks a deeper understanding of our artist's and designers' practices; hence the cross-temporal presentation of objects. If some works demand the audience to stop for a moment to be considered, others have been themselves waiting for us to catch up with them, and make them pertinent to our time. In that sense, The Last Tenant, becomes the space for which these manifestations work and hope for.

- Mario Garcia Torres

Participating artists/designer:

Carlos Amorales
Leticia Arroyo
Geles Cabrera
Jose Dávila
Héctor Esrawe
EWE Studio
Marie Lund
Theo Michael
Adeline de Monseignat
Milena Muzquiz
Rubén Ortiz Torres
Ana Pellicer
Josef Strau
Brian Thoreen
Jorge Yázpik